Choose to answer the Call of Divine Mercy

The Divine Mercy of Jesus is for sinners and the more of a sinner you are, the more you have a right to it. This is what Jesus told Sister Faustina (during her spiritual visions of Jesus) in Poland back in the early 20th Century. Sister Faustina was a contemporary of Pope John Paul II in Poland, back when he was known as Karol Wojtyla. She died before WWII started but, thanks be to God, she wrote everything down that Jesus told her. If you are looking for a spiritual director, and can't find one, it is highly recommended that you read her book.
his is GREAT reading while you are doing your holy hour, or just when you have 5 or 10 minutes to spare. The words of Jesus are bolded so there is no question as to what He thinks is important in spiritual direction. For sure, no Catholic is obliged to believe in personal revelation (as opposed to public revelation in the Bible), but the Church has determined that Saint Faustina's visions are worthy of belief and there is nothing in them that runs counter to what the Bible says. If you were to take all of the sins ever committed on earth, they wouldn't amount to a grain of sand in comparison to the ocean of the Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ.